Ballarat & Region Craft Brewers


About the B.A.R.


The ‘Ballarat and Region Craftbrewers (the B.A.R.)’ sprang to life after an impromptu gathering early in 2011. While several of the brewers had met one another already, this was the first meeting of a large, cohesive number of dedicated brewers.

Several extract, kit and all-grain brewers gathered together to discuss brewing systems, malts, hops and yeasts… and to 'sample' each other’s wares. This soon became a regular occasion, with a focus (due to numbers) on the all-grain brewing process spurring each person to try new ingredients and styles.

The different members of the group met online at, and we have our own dedicated section which can be found at on the B.A.R.


A typical B.A.R. gathering consists of an informal greeting, lots of laughter, and typically a decent discussion on whatever the hot topic of the day is (methods of bittering, yeast attenuation, wort aeration etc)… and of course… ’sampling’ many brews.

The level of experience and expertise (not necessarily directly related!) is broad, ranging from traditional 3 vessel, to BIAB, to smaller stovetop brewers all producing excellent beers (some more consistently than others haha!) in the best way they can.


The aim of the group is to have a relaxed and informal mix of dedicated brewers that can meet regularly as a resource, a motivator and an honest source of feedback for each participant. We encourage brewers of all levels and styles to become involved – the only necessity is the willingness to try to make the next beer just that little bit better each time…

The B.A.R. is now hosting beer swaps (bring 12 bottles of your own, leave with 12 bottles from others) and having brewing experiments (like all brewing the same recipe on different systems to taste the differences).

Kegs, long necks, stubbies, PET bottles, traditional beer engines and anything else that will successfully hold and serve beer are all regular (and welcome) sights at the B.A.R.

Join in!

So if you are in the area, love to brew and want to become involved… what’s stopping you?

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Past Events

July 21. British Night

B.A.R. meeting on Saturday 21st July

April 28.

B.A.R. meeting on Saturday 28th April

Feb 19. Sunday Session

B.A.R. meeting on Sunday 19th February

Jan 21. Ballarat Beer Festival

We were at the Ballarat Beer Festival

Nov 26. Ballarat Grog Swap.

B.A.R. meeting on Saturday 26th November